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Coaching for Makers, Healers, Mamas, & Other Badasses


Amelia Kriss Collaborative: Coaching for Makers, Healers, Mamas, & Other Badasses. Amelia Kriss is a Certified Life Coach & Registered Drama Therapist, as well as a Workshop Leader & Motivational Speaker based in San Francisco.

Workshops & Speaking Topics

Are you looking for an engaging (and useful) lecture, keynote, or workshop for your organization? I want personal and organizational development to be fun, empowering, relevant, and meaningful. I want it to be moving—in every sense of the word—I believe there's a place for laughter, even some tears, and most of all: real forward motion.

We all have the tools to make deeper connections, communicate better, and live with more purpose and joy, but we don't always recognize these tools when we need them. I love training folks to leverage self awareness and authenticity to hone their leadership skills, deepen relationships, and commit to empowerment—for themselves and others. Having led workshops in all sorts of settings (conferences, prisons, companies, and schools/colleges), I am comfortable working with all ages. And I have a special love for real-deal empowerment

Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to talk about a speaking event, and please include your ideal dates, the setting & audience size, and the topics/themes you're most interested in. I look forward to planning something amazing with you!

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Authentic Leadership

The best leaders lead from who they are. Who they actually are. (It's a practice-what-you-preach type of a thing.) But leadership roles so often feel pressurized, like they have to be a performance. This mindset can create super stressed out leaders, and disempowered or anxious teams.
Here's what can happen instead:

  • Ground yourself.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Practice connecting with others while staying connected with yourself.
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Coaching Yourself: Hearticulated CommiTments & the Magic of Accountability

Most of the time when folks seek out coaching or counseling, it's because of an understandable desire to have a partner in their self-exploration—someone who can take a different, often more expansive/objective perspective. (First of all: Yay! I love coaching and therapy! Lifetime membership over here!) But also: you can build and develop this observer part within yourself, too. You have the capacity to reflect on your own experience, and to follow through with your desired actions, in ways you have yet to fully realize. 

You really really really really do.
I mean it.

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Self Compassion: the Key to Deep Empowerment

OMG I love this topic. (You might already know that, because I write about it a lot.)  "Self empowerment" and "self love"—these are not cheap hallmark cliches that we tell ourselves so that we can take the easy way out, or bail on the contributions and transformations we want to make. This path towards acceptance of ourselves is bedrock, and it is not at odds with accountability or owning our flaws and mistakes. It is in this place of compassion and gentleness that we are able to get really real about what we're doing—what's working, what's not, what we're made of, and what's next.

"What would you do if you knew you were worthy?" -India Arie