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Coaching for Makers, Healers, Mamas, & Other Badasses

Amelia Kriss Collaborative | Coaching & Therapeutic Theatre

Amelia Kriss Collaborative: Coaching for Makers, Healers, Mamas, & Other Badasses. Amelia Kriss is a Certified Life Coach & Registered Drama Therapist based in San Francisco. AKC offers in-person sessions for local clients, and phone sessions nationwide.


Amelia Kriss ColLaborative

Coaching & Counseling for Makers, Healers, Mamas, and Other Badasses


If "fine" and "can't complain" and "it ain't broke" are no longer the metrics you want to use to measure your life, let me just say, 
Yay! and also:

You've come to the right place.

Most of us feel this longing for more fulfillment, focus, and joy. In short, a day-to-day where we experience a kind of epic alignment with our true selves.
You ready?

The daring Way™