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Good Girl Metamorphosis

Good girl metamorphosis

Calling all people-pleasers and recovering nice girls!  If you're ready to step into your own power, really trust your own voice, and shout it from the rooftops, I got you. 


How about...

Kind instead of Nice
Authenticity over Conformity
Your Real "Yes" & A Clear "No"
Alchemizing Fear + Honoring Your Boundaries
Turning "I'm Sorry" into "You're Welcome"
Unconditional Self Love


Trust your Gut

Learn how to tune in to your inner knowing.  It ain't magic folksit's just deep listening. This kind of listening can be difficult, though, especially since many of us have been taught to attune to the desires of others above our own for much too long.  In order to do what you want, you must first know what you want, and this little (growing!) inner voice has the keys to that queendom.


Live your Truth

Once you know what you want (phew!), it's all about moving in that direction. And the exhilarating, beautiful (and sometimes painful or scary) path along the way. Putting your power and desire into actionreally living from this placeis often a two-steps-forward, one-step-back kind of proposition, and I offer loving, real, and realistic accountability as you go.