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Client Testimonials

Amelia has an intrinsic gift to bring out the soul of a person and see the heart of a problem. Her ability to actively listen and to immediately connect with me made me feel comfortable and know that I had her absolute attention. After a short session with Amelia, I felt empowered, not only to handle the current problem, but confident in my own ability to tackle future obstacles, as she helped me realize that the solution lived within me all along.
— JW
Amelia is the only person I could imagine working with at the time when I was her client. Her unwavering support of me throughout our work together served as a foundation on which I could explore and grow endlessly. She always showed up as her genuine self and offered me insights, humor and depth that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. She has a way of understanding me that I’ve rarely experienced elsewhere, and as a result I felt very seen and validated. I would recommend working with Amelia to anyone hoping to explore both their strengths and their shadow side, as Amelia has the capacity to hold space for what’s painful as well as shed light on power and ability.
— MG
You have a gift, a BIG GIFT, in talking to people and walking alongside them. You are so encouraging, so gentle in your approach, and yet so funny and no-nonsense. I have been raving about you to the people I’ve let in to this process. THANK YOU, thank you!!!
— CR
Amelia, your coaching has been wonderful! I am on to the background check portion of the process for the position you helped me take the first steps for. Thank you for reminding me who I am and what I am capable of.
— JB
I have had the privilege of knowing Amelia both personally and professionally for the past 3 years. I can’t say enough good things about her. She is not only smart and sharp, but is genuinely compassionate, caring, warm, witty and funny! She is very personable, helpful, and good at problem solving. Amelia possesses an innate quality to empower others. You can be assured that working with Amelia will help you find the stronger voice and advocate within yourself. I have no doubt that Amelia will do an excellent job at helping you achieve the goals you are working on to better navigate your life. I believe Amelia will not only help you with some necessary tough love, but also do so with great respect to your vulnerabilities. I would highly recommend her as a coach!
— AC