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Self Revelatory Performance

Self Revelatory Performance


The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures you seek.

Joseph Campbell


First of all:

It makes total sense to be afraid of this. (Or excited, wary, skeptical, etc.)
And: you can do it.
And: it will be worth it.
I promise.
And: I don’t make a lot of promises.
And: I (or another director of your choosing who is hopefully a stellar fit) will be with you.


I love Self Revs, and I love working with students. If you’re a Drama Therapy M.A. student looking for a Director for your capstone project, this page is for you. (Hi!)
And If not, you’re welcome to read on, and you can find great info on Self Revelatory Performance here if you’d like to learn more about it.
Anyway, If I hadn’t had such a profound experience myself (creating & performing my own self rev), maybe I wouldn’t be so grossly enthusiastic about the whole thing.
Not to say that it was all sunshine & rainbows, because I’m pretty sure I told anyone who would listen that I was “definitely not going to do it” basically up until the week of the show… But then I did. And it was (is) one of the deepest experiences of healing & transformation I’ve ever touched.

Okay, on to the details:

Amelia Kriss, MA, CPCC, RDT is a drama therapist & life coach in private practice in San Francisco. She has directed several capstone Self Revs since graduating from the CIIS Drama Therapy program in 2014. As a director, I focus on exploring and expanding therapeutic themes and objectives, and letting them lead the way. I believe that the most moving and transformational performances come out of putting the process before the “product”, and I’m always up for tenderly holding the anxiety and uncertainty that can naturally come up in that. Through the use of psychodrama, improv, “talk” therapy, storytelling, expressive arts techniques, etc. I bring my core values as a director (depth, humor, containment, and agency) to the rehearsal process. If you’d like to chat and see if it feels like a good fit, or connect with other Revvers who’ve worked with me, please reach out!